Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleepless, (and it'd be great to be) In Seattle

The things that are keeping me awake tonight:
Do they sell ping pong balls at Walmart? How do I keep ending up sleeping in my 4 year old's bed, and he in mine?! Would making sugar cookie dough at this hour wake everyone up? It needs to chill, but the boys might like to color the dough, so I should wait for them, right? Why don't I ever buy snack foods?! What should I get the boys for Christmas? If I made animals out of art board for the boys' rooms, would they just tear them down? Could sharing a room work for them? Would they ever sleep? Would Colton be nice? Where can I get silhouette shapes for shadow puppets? Will Crayola washable markers write on Ziploc baggies? Do I need to have the carpets cleaned? Do I need to switch to decaf? Half-caf? Should I move the 9 foot tall Christmas tree? How is not having a washer/drying going to work? What day is Evee's birthday? Should I make the boys' Halloween costumes? What are they going to be? Could I find Thomas the Train tracks used on craigslist? Will the seats of our kitchen chairs come clean? Could I really homeschool a child? Are we being too tough on Colton? Not tough enough? Are there small, flat boxes somewhere around here that I could put rice, beans, cornmeal, birdseed, etc, in for the boys to drive their tractors in? Is there a tarp in the garage I could put under it? Would mosquitos eat them up if they did it outside? Would those clip-on repellents stay on kids? Are there any frozen bananas in the freezer? Do I have enough extra pictures for Colton to make an alphabet book out of? Would using his magazines for pictures cause him to cut up other, non-approved books? Did Bryce eat enough dinner? Is he warm enough in there? What on earth are the cats doing!? What are we going to do tomorrow? Do I have to pee again? What is up with my stomach? What are we going to do with those dogs? Could I put iron-on vinyl on fabric to make cute raincoats? What size shoe does my niece wear? What day did Beth say they find out what they're having? Why can't I ever go to sleep? What makes people sleep?
I do have to pee.
Good night, dear void. (is that the second "You've Got Mail" reference in a week?)

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