Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Not a big surprise that today didn't get off to such a scheduled start as planned; but it was a start!! I did wake an hour before the boys, (by that of course, I mean the baby boy), and had some study/quiet/coffee time, as the sun came up. Does it seem that the earlier one wakes, the earlier one's children wake?! Menu for the week, and grocery list were composed- (thanks to some yummy pinned ideas from friends on Pinterest). Some short notes were written to a couple of dear friends in hard places. Not at all a wasted morning.
Jason worked this morning, then took the boys and his mom to the Aquarium while I went to Trader Joe's in search of quinoa (check.), and to Michaels' for glow sticks (not check; will search online for these), and did not get to my substantial list that required me to get to the Farmer's market and the grocery store, as I was in Jason's truck, and it was just too darn hot. Did I mention that coffee spilled in my seat, and my backside was soaked, and in mocha color? My best laid plans were defininitely postponed.
Boys did (sort of) help to make dinner- pizza calzones- and then proceeded to repeatedly catch and release our little tadpole/frogs (after changing their water, of course... gross.)

I'm freezing two large blocks of ice with small toys inside for C (4 years) and friend to excavate tomorrow afternoon. There is quite a frozen, drippy mess in my freezer! And how in the world can you keep all the toys from sinking to the bottom? I doubt very seriously that the boys will care, however. Approved destruction will make their day, don't you think?!
Yes, that is mud on their faces. And many other places.

P.S. The day ends with holding my littlest for a couple of wonderful hours while thunder boomed outside, and doing a puzzle, playing Memory, burning new music, hanging up clothes, putting glow-in-the-dark stars up, and dancing with feet in the air with my oldest. And then going to bed, and getting up again. And reading this. Beautiful day. I think I'm ready for tomorrow. :)

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