Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Breakers

Well, this little project went off with no smashed fingers or shards of ice to the eyes. These things actually did not even occur to me until the hammers were swinging, and ice chips were flying... soooo... that's good. I'm not sure I'm completely competent to watch small children!! (I did have the foresight to space them a few yards apart, but that was the extent of it). It's a little late to be figuring that out, though. And, minus some little 'tudes, the day was pretty good. Boys did what they do best. Get dirty. (C and B were soaked in our driveway mud puddles- C's boots were full of water- before we even left home. He arrived in his tighty whiteys.) Bust things. Climb things. Give their mamas heck. C went home early with his Daddy.
B and I checked out the Farmers' market in E-wood. Not too shabby. Got all of the produce on my grocery list exept for bananas. We then tackled the Wal-Mart, where he sometimes sat in the basket, sometimes walked holding onto the basket, sometimes steered the basket into oncoming shoppers, and sometimes added things to the bottom rack of said basket. Like three jars of spagetti sauce, goldfish crackers, multiple bottles of dried spices, and hair products (a change from his usual dropping-things-out-of-the-basket routine). I guess I forgot to ask him if he needed anything. :)

"Slime" (GAK) is on the agenda tomorrow. (Recipe here)

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