Monday, August 29, 2011

For the Record...

...doing more is not the same as being more. I have today to prove it.
Alarm: 5:45 (I admit, I did not get out of bed at this time)... read Phillippians.

Plus, yogurt and blueberries. And coffee.

Activities for the boys (which commenced upon both of them getting themselves so far up a tree, the fire department was almost called, I decided it was time for the bag of tricks):
1. Giant sandbox volcano which erupts with baking soda and vinegar
2. Making miniature blueberry handpies
3. Shapes tracing on waxpaper and "painting" with markers. (this would have worked much better with markers that routinely had their lids put back on.)
3. Cornstarch and water "goo"

Dinner: (Thank you, Meredith, for finding all these recipes!) Which I stayed up late making last night, for today.

I walked with B. And cleaned up the kitchen. And did laundry.
And I am wiped. out. And not being very nice.

The morals:
1. More activities for the boys does not necessarily use their energies in such productive ways that they have none left for hooliganism and bullying. They do.
2. More activities does mean less energy for Mommy for the said hooliganism and bullying. And these were not handled excellently, as planned.
3. Let's all be thankful for a new day tomorrow. With no mistakes in it. Yet. (~Anne of Green Gables)

...and hope that warm soy milk, and "Friends" reruns will ease us into a good nights' sleep. :)

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